Actress Brooke Burfitt Explains What A Gentleman Looks Like In The Year 2017

Ever ask yourself one simple question: "How To Be A Man?" It's something that might creep into your head every so often after a bunch of other guys have, seemingly, ruined it for the real men out there.

We don't need to get into the details, but we're sure you've heard a bunch of stories about guys being so jackassery that it gives the guys who get it a bad rap. Well, unsurprisingly, ladies have taken notice, too, meaning they're even more cautious when it comes to dating or trusting a guy in an age of social media and cheating stories uncovered left and right.

How to be a man isn't chopping down trees and brushing your teeth with nails, but something a hell of a lot more. We asked actress and British radio personality, Brooke Burfitt, to help describe what a true gentleman looks like in the year 2017, so pay close attention and see if you fit the bill.

When asked what kind of man I’m looking for, my answer is simple: “a gentleman”. And, yet, that is such a broad and vague term that means different things to different people. What does it exactly mean to me?

A gentleman is someone that is thoughtful, kind, respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings, whilst also being strong and confident. Men are often afraid of appearing old-fashioned and sexist. It can be daunting to know what is required of a gentleman in the year 2017, so here are a few pointers.

Brooke Burfitt plays a fame hungry kidnapped celebrity in the movie, By Any Means on Amazon Prime, Amazon VOD, iTunes and Cable TV across the U.S. and Canada.

Lead image via Pierangelo Lanfranchi, with make-up by Christopher Vee and hair from Stylz by Traci.

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