How To Be The Perfect Wingman

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I'm the most qualified person on the internet to write this article. Alright, wait, not true, let me backtrack. I'm not THE MOST qualified person on the internet to write this article, but I am MORE qualified than any man on the internet to write this article. Why, you ask?

Because while I've technically never been a "wingman", I've seen all of their bullsh-t in action. Hell, I've been a victim of it. Look, there's nothing wrong with being a wingman! In fact, it's about the most noble, selfless thing you can do for your man-friend. That being said, you better believe there's nothing WORSE than a bad wingman. You will simultaneously destroy your friendship and your friend's chances at finding true love (read: a one night stand).

If you're not striving to be the best at something, why bother doing it? That was my take on a pseudo motivational Nike slogan, I promise it will be the last time I try that. Seriously though, it's important that if you agree to help your friend pick up women, that you do it well! I'm going to tell you what I believe will work. Women are fickle creatures and my opinion won't necessarily translate across womankind, but it's the best I've got, so try it out.

Keep Your Opinions To Yourself

Keep The Booze At Bay

Do NOT Pull The Robbery

No Ex-Texts

Consider It Your Good Deed Of The Day

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