How To Buy A Bike In Time For Brighter Weather

It might not be no-coat weather just yet but the sun is slowly putting its hat back on and we're thinking about ditching the bus and rolling on two wheels.

Here's how to buy the right ride for spring, with a few tips from Spin London Director Luke McLaughlin...

Be Practical

"What's the bike for? A racer might be faster, but a hybrid or a mountain bike may be more practical for a commute. If you're planning on long weekend rides going up plenty of hills, a lighter bike will be better."

Size Up

"Buying the right size bike for your body and setting it up right is essential. Personal bike fitting services can be included in the price of the bike—but it's worth paying $100 if not. The benefits last years."


"Learning the basics will save money in the long run. For instance, novice bike riders apply too much lubrication to the chain, leading to excessive wear as particles collect on the chain and gears."

Kit Bits

Go for a Brooks leather saddle if you're feeling flush. They look boss.

Don't insist on drop handlebars just because that's what you've seen Sir Brad use. They're not for everyone.

Tyre width affects how a bike behaves on different surfaces. The most popular width on road bikes is 23mm.

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