The Undisputed Ways To Kill Your Weekday Hangover (So You Can Fully Function)

To be fair, you really shouldn't be drinking during the week, but I'm not about to convince ya'll out of that. Sometimes it's really nice to come home on Monday, curl up on the couch and drink 2 bottles of red wine. I get it and I'm not here to judge. You know your lifestyle and limits and that's all that matters.

The problem is, being hungover at work is THE WORST. Being hungover in general is pretty sh-t, but a throbbing headache, upset stomach, and aching limbs at the office is a circle of hell I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

These steps aren't really all that different from combatting any hangover. The key difference is the order in which they take place. When you're given a short window to get rid of the booze flu as opposed to an entire day, extreme measures must be taken. As the saying goes, if you want to play hard, you have to work hard and part of that work is f-cking the system with simple steps to ensure that you can both hold down a job and have the social life of an undergrad at Florida State University.

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