How To Cook A Mouth-Watering Steak Like A Professional Chef

You've got the meat, you've got the frying pan out, but how long are you supposed to cook the damn thing for? Use this simple finger test to get it just right and impress everyone eating with your mad skills.


Touch your thumb and index finger together, and feel the fleshy part of the hand under the thumb. It’ll feel fleshy and flaccid, like a blue steak.

Medium Rare

Touch your thumb to your middle finger and press the same mound of skin. Meaty yet mash-able? That’s how a medium rare should feel.


Now bring your third finger to connect with your thumb. The skin should now be firm and dense, like a delicious medium steak.

Well Done

You're overcooked, sorry. Well done steak should feel like the same part of your hand when your thumb and little finger are pressed together. Tough and tight.