We Tried 7 Hangover Cures After Our Office Holiday Party And Feel Pretty Damn Good

At every office holiday party after the ugly Chrismas sweater contest, the white elephant gift swap, and the tequila shots, we always wake up the next morning desperately seeking a cure for our blistering hangover. And the worst thing about it all? For some reason the party is always on a day you normally don't get s--tfaced, like a Wednesday or a Thursday. And there's nothing fun about going to work hungover. Fortunately, there are several remedies available that'll help you avoid the nightmarish scenario above, stuff that people swear helps them drink all night and wake up feeling fresher than a daisy. We honestly didn't believe it ourselves — until we tried a few of them.

We found seven hangover cures (from popular ones to the controversial) and put them to the test. And since our office holiday party was this week, we figured now was the perfect time to use our fellow co-workers as guinea pigs. Below, seven tried-and-tested cures for your head-piercing hangover.