Marijuana Strains That Can Help Cure A Nasty Hangover

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We've given you plenty of different remedies on how to cure a hangover, but, as we all know, there's not one method that's perfect for everyone. Some people prefer to sleep all day long and waste away the day, while others, like Anthony Bourdain, will take random shots of sh-t and eat a bunch of spicy foods in hopes that the heat just burns away the pain in their head. Another popular way to cure a hangover? Marijuana.

It's no surprise that weed is used by a bunch of people to help relieve the pain of the boozy decisions from the night prior — after all, marijuana has some serious health benefits. Considering the drug, typically, helps people relax, when someone is fighting a nasty hangover, it's a good option to turn to to try and mellow that crazy anxiety that's part of the sickness after a night out.

But is marijuana really a good option when looking for how to cure a hangover? We asked a bunch of cannabis industry experts that very question, along with what strains they would recommend for those who want to give toking up a go when their head's throbbing and water, food and sleep just isn't enough. Here's what some of them had to tell us.


“It’s important to find the chemical balance that meets the specific need you are looking for. With a hangover, strong sativas can give you the extra energy you need to become alert and get going through your day, and CBDs can help to relax your body of the pounding aches and pains. Fortunately, boutique strains are all the rage and the perfect ones can be found to suit just about any need. We have found that XJ13 from THC Design is a perfect balance of the two, and is our go to for a hangover cure. Coast from Henry’s Originals is another blend that leans more towards the CBD balance, for those not wanting as much of the heady effect. Make sure you know what brand your cannabis comes from, to ensure that you get the consistent effects you are looking for.” — Brian Campbell, Co-Founder/CPO of tökr

“When considering a good strain for relieving the dreaded alcohol hangover, I typically look for a high CBD:THC ratio strain. My go to for these unfortunate and self wrought situations is the Lemon G by Terrapin Care Station. The CBD component acts as a neuro-protectant and has been shown to have amazing anti-inflammatory effects. When combined with the energetic sativa properties of Lemon Haze, you have a strain that can really help blast your hangover and get you through the day.” — Erik Knutson, CEO of Keef Brands

“Cannabis is great at treating a variety of medical conditions, so why not medicate to alleviate symptoms of a self induced hangover. My preferred method of choice is a vaporizer…because I don’t have to light anything, I can use it in bed, and it minimizes the chance of irritating my already irritated throat. The strain I choose depends on what I have to do. If I have to be a functioning human, I like to go Harlequin because it’s a super happy Sativa. Now, if I’m going to Netflix and chill away this hangover, I reach for an Indica with a lot of Linalool like Grape Ape and haze the day away.” — Shauntel Ludwig, VP of Operations for DaVinci Vaporizer

“I don't drink often, but when I do and if I end up with a hangover, I generally lean towards strains with high CBD content. CBD not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also helps mitigate nausea and gives you a bit of an energy and mood boost. Harlequin is usually my go-to choice in dealing with those painful mornings. And if you can't find a good CBD-heavy flower, you can always resort to vaporizer cartridges with either a 1:1 or 1:3 CBD to THC ratio. That should do the trick.” — Derek Peterson, CEO and Founder of Terra Tech

“There is no strain specific hangover cure I've used; however they've all acted as a hangover prevention measure. I've significantly decreased the amount I drink over the past 2 years as I've continued to be more educated on cannabis and moved to a legal state. Mostly cannabis has turned into mostly hangover free weekends!” — Michael Bologna, CEO of Green Lion Partners

“As the old adage goes, the best way to avoid a hangover is to never drink at all. For the rest of us, I would suggest lots of water in between drinks and a fair dose at the end of the night. As for other remedies, I would suggest a high CBD strain such as Tikun’s 18:1 Avidekel strain, which has high anti inflammatory properties. If one needs a little extra pain relief, along with these anti-inflammatory benefits, then the Midnight strain with a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD will help you feel like you never drank at all.” — Stephen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer at Tikun Olam USA

“If I know I am going to go out for a night on the town, I will plan ahead. I take one dropper full of Trew Balance 5 Golden Rings CBD drops. I hold it under my tongue for two minutes and swallow. When I return home, I am normally looking through the fridge for something to eat so I make sure to have Cannabella’s CBD gummies on hand. Each are dosed at 10mg of pure CBD. I have found that pre-loading CBD before going out helps me stay more focused.” — Mikel Alvarez, VP of Retail Operations for Blüm

"You can avoid a hangover completely by substituting cannabis for alcohol in the first place. If you’ve overindulged in your alcohol consumption the night before and need to venture out the next day, our Cannacopia strain finder app recommends either Lime Haze or Super Sour Diesel if you are feeling nauseous; or if you have pain then try Skydog or Shipwreck, all are powerful sativas. If you are lucky enough to be able to recover without venturing into the world (like on a Sunday morning), you might want to consider a powerful indica that will help you sleep it off, such as Zombie OG or Grape Ape. Also, rehydrate yourself with plenty of liquids, particularly those that contain electrolytes." — Mike Weiss, President/Founder of Cannacopia

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