How To Dress For Any Type Of Date

Last I checked, it's still summer, which means there's an abundance of opportunities to be outside and doing things with a significant other. But since the weather and other circumstances can be unpredictable, we're giving you a style guide to follow to help you dress appropriately.

No matter the occasion, here's what you should keep in mind while dressing yourself.

How To Dress For A Fancy Dinner

The Clothes: You don’t want to look like you haven’t made an effort, but it’s worse still to outdo her. Go for a slim navy suit and a muted knit, with white plimsolls to keep it just the right side of try-hard. Just make sure they’re clean.

Too Far: Accessories. No chunky watches, beaded necklaces or bling.

How To Dress For The Movies

The Clothes: Wear comfy jeans and loose undies, so your body language stays casual. You’re dressing for a date in the dark, so you can keep things simple – but go bold with your trainers.

Too Far: Joggers. While they give you greater movability, they’re a no-go. There’s comfy, and there’s too comfy.

How To Dress For A Walk In The Park

The Clothes: Staying warm and stylish is all about layering. Start with a good manly coat and a cool hat. For your feet, this season’s on-trend hiking boots are both practical and stylish.

Too Far: Leather gloves. Burglar chic was so last year.

How to Dress for a Sweaty, Crowded Concert

The Clothes: A lightweight jacket that you can stash easily is essential. You’ll sweat a ton, so avoid grey tees and stick to white. This is the only date where worn-in trainers are acceptable.

Too Far: A band tee. Getting more excited by the music than her won’t do.

How To Dress For Just A Few Drinks

The Clothes: This whole look is built around dressing up some jeans, which means only a shirt and a pair of shiny brogues will do. Some worn-in denim will make sure you don’t look like you’ve come straight from the office.

Too Far: Smart trousers. People will think you’re the waiter.