How To Drink Solo At The Bar

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No one wants to drink alone — hence why I had to bring a friend during a recent Facebook Live video while trying tequila drinks —but, every once in awhile, going to the bar by yourself to unwind and just escape the craziness around you is necessary. But, there's a proper way to do it, at least in my opinion.

Since we care about your social life and want you to have fun instead of drown away in your sorrows if boozing solo, here are some quick tips for you to follow to have a successful night at a local dive alone.

Post Up At The Bar

Even if the restaurant or bar is completely open, you're there to have a good time, not sulk away and swipe right on dating apps or scroll through social media feeds. That means you should get as close to another human stat — in this case, the bartender — so you can have a conversation. More importantly, no server wants to wait on just a single person, so don't steal his or her table.

Put The Phone Down

Again, you're not there to stare into a bright screen in the dimly lit bar — you can do that in the comfort of your own home in sweats from the couch. There's a good chance other people are at the very same bar alone, too, and having your phone out texting, scrolling or browsing the web makes you look guarded and not at all open to conversing.

Talk With The Bartender

Now that you've got a barstool to sit on and your phone is still in your pocket, make friends with the bartender by talking about the night, whatever's on the bar TV and other shit to waste time. Again, you may be there alone, but that doesn't mean you're supposed to be a hermit. Plus, depending on the situation — say, like, a break-up — he/she may have some sympathy for the reason you're there alone and give you a free drink or two.

Order More Than One Drink (Unless You Get Food)

If you wanted to have just one drink, you should've just stayed home and crushed that lonely Bud Light in your fridge that was left over from that party months ago. You made the choice to hit up a bar alone, so sip a couple craft cocktails, glasses of wines or pints and make the most of it. This should be the general rule, but, as mentioned above, if you're only in the mood for one drink to help ease some stress, always make sure you get some food, too — you've got to remember to take care of your bartender.

Don't Get Too Wild

Want to know every bartender's nightmare? A jackass who can't seem to handle his alcohol, annoys or makes other customers uncomfortable and, generally speaking, is the reason his/her night will suck. That's typically the case when a bar's crowded with people and hectic as hell, so imagine their reaction should the rowdy person be sitting alone... yeah, not great.

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