How To Dry A Shirt In 30 Seconds For The Extreme Modern Man (Video)

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A lot of people are on the hunt to learn how to dry clothes quickly. Why? Well, because there are a number of situations in life that warrant that particular skill. Don't believe us? Fine, let's rattle off a few, shall we? Getting a drink thrown in your face, falling into a puddle on a particularly sauced rainy evening, spilling a drink on yourself, jumping into your neighbor's pool fully clothed because your friends dared you and you were too drunk to say no. OK, so maybe all of these examples involve alcohol, but, whatever. Such is life! Generally speaking, humans are a lot more responsible when they aren't inebriated. Trouble is, they're often inebriated so really, it's a lose-lose.

Fact of the matter is, if you want your clothes dry and you want them dry fast. The tutorial below will definitely teach you how to get the job done. Whether or not you can actually wear the clothes afterward is an entirely different story.

Technically speaking, the shirt was BONE dry by the end of that tutorial. Well, erm, let's call it an anti-tutorial. To be clear, we really don't want any of you trying that at home. At your parent's house? Fine, but don't ruin any of your own stuff, that's just moronic. In the event you actually do want to know how to dry clothes quickly and you weren't just looking for a good laugh, we put in the work for some real life advice. According to WikiHow there are a few solid approaches to take when drying clothing:

There you have it — actual life skills! To be honest, it's way more fun to just make a mockery of adulthood, but, hey! We suppose it's not necessarily "proper" to remain in a state of constant immaturity forever (at least that's what we've overhead our parents say).

Lead Image via YouTube/HowToBasic

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