How To Find A Pair Of Jeans That Actually Fit Properly

Finding jeans that fit just right is tricky business. So we've got the skinny (sorry) on how to find the perfect pair from Lee's denim experts.

Finding The Perfect Fit Is Directly Linked To Your Build

"For an athletic built guy, the typical skinny or slim fit can throw the proportions of your body way out. They're usually too tight on the thigh or calf. You're better suited to a tapered fit."

If You're A Slim Build, You Want Jeans That Are Narrow Across The Thigh

"A slim, tapered-style fit suits a slimmer guy as it’s cut narrow across the thigh and tapers into the ankle."

Don't Be The Guy Who Tries Wearing Jeans That Are Too Slim for Him, Revealing Everything

"It throws your proportions out. A regular, tapered fit caters for that bigger build by offering more room in the thigh before tapering sharply into the ankle.

No Matter Your Build, There Will Be A Shape That Suits You

"The suits-all-build fit is slim straight. Look for a slim cut throughout the leg. Slim enough to look current, but with enough room to let everything hang."

The Perfect Fit Of Jean Is Also About Getting The Sizing Right

"As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to fasten your belt without the waistband cinching."

When It Comes To Length, There Are A Few Key Things To Think About

"Don’t stand for the length being alright, make sure it’s spot on. If you prefer a turn-up on the cuff, don’t buy the jeans too long. This will create the opposite of the desired effect.

The Color You Choose Is Essential

"Pick a clean black or dark indigo finish for a smarter, dressed-up look, or opt for naturally worn-out finishes or a casual one. Go for a coated and tinted denim for an ice-cold, wintery alternative to your blue or black finishes."