How To Please Your Woman By Using Your Fingers

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In the past, we've given you tips on how to become an oral sex expert, which positions to use to get her to yell your name and, finally, hot to have her orgasm without actually having sex. But, now? We're lending some advice on how to make her OG by using your fingers.

We know, we know, you're an "expert" because you used to finger your high school girlfriend. Those days are long gone, though, so here are some tips on what your lady is looking for the next time you, uh, double click her mouse.

Tease Her

Much like intercourse, you don't just want to ram your finger up into a vagina that's not quite ready to have a finger rammed up into it, so be patient and start slow. Building the anticipation and teasing her will only send the hormones in her brain into a frenzy, leaving her wet below the waste as she begs for more. Kiss her neck, lick her nipples and gently rub her clit to get her warmed up.

The Clit's The Spot

Guys, as if you didn't already know this, but the sensitivity on the clit is absolutely insane, with as many as 8,000 sensory nerve endings there that, when touched right, will send chills up your lady's spine. Utilize that by gently rubbing it, even licking your fingers to add a little bit more moisture while doing it. While fingering a girl, it's not all about penetration, it's about the clit, so make sure you focus on it about 75 percent of the time.

Watch Your Speed

You might think that pounding her with your middle and ring finger's the way to go. If that's the case, you may want to go back to masturbating, because no woman will ever want you to finger her. Much like actual intercourse, you need to be mindful of how you handle her vagina, paying close attention to both your speed and intensity. Start slow, go in harder and deeper, and then play with her clit before repeating a similar motion.


You'll both be caught up in the moment, but it's crucial for men to listen to their woman while fingering her. That's not to say you don't enjoy what's going on, but when she says things like "That feels good" or "right there," it's a clear sign that, shocking, you're doing something right. Let her guide you and stick with what works for her—after all, it's not rocket science.

Go Deep

In addition to rubbing the clitoris, while fingering her, you'll want to make sure you're going deep—which women love! Again, you'll want to maintain speed and intensity while doing it, mixing things up every once in a while, but the deeper the better when it comes to fingering.


This will be different for every woman, but, once you know what she likes, you'll generally want to stick with that to make sure she gets off every time. One of the more common techniques is a circular motion, where you insert a couple fingers inside her vagina and twist your fingers, making a 360-degree motion. Another one is inserting two fingers pointing downwards, scrunching your hand back and forth and hitting the pelvic bone—which will stimulate the G-spot inside her vagina.

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