How To Get Killer Abs By Using A Single Bench

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No matter if you're strong or weak in other parts of your body, the main spot that guys seem to focus on the most are their abs, hoping for a six-pack and a stronger core.

Unfortunately, few of us actually enjoy the work it takes to get such a strong and toned stomach, realizing that 15 minutes worth of crunches are more painful than sitting through a two-minute video of nails scratching on a chalkboard.

While getting rock hard abs takes work, it doesn't have to kill you. And a video from our friends over at Men's Health, which tapped Jeremy Scott, trainer at Jeremy Scott Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ to perform it, may have the answer you need to get the abs you desire—and it only takes about five minutes, done from a single bench.


Known as the "Continuous Abs Ladder," this workout consists of these four different exercise moves:

Perform each (in order) for 20 seconds each, and complete the total ab routine by doing five sets in all—which should take you just over five minutes in all.

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