Here's An Extremely Lazy Trick That Could Lead To 30 Percent More Replies On Tinder

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Whether you want to admit it or not, there's a very good chance that you've at least tested the waters on the "dating" app Tinder before. But because the struggle can be very real—you know, like copy/pasting the exact same message over and over to all your matches—some real-life doctor found a way that guys might be able to actually find 30 percent more success.

Dr. Jess Carbino, who is an expert in the field of online dating as well as Tinder's sociologist, talked with Engadget about what she found to be the most successful way to start a conversation with a girl on the 'der—gifs!

When asked if the animated images could be used as a crutch, Dr Carbino argued, "GIFs are a good way to assess compatibility and sense of humor." The GIFs aren't just used by young people, either. According to Dr. Carbino, Tinder's users range between 18 and 61 years of age, and GIFs are used universally across all the age groups.

The gif feature, which debuted on Tinder back in January, has reportedly been used more than 100 million times, meaning words might no longer be the way to a woman's heart, but a stupid ass moving images is.

Who knows if this actually works or not, but for those on the app, it's worth a shot to see if it helps get you the lady of your online dreams.

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