We Tackle The Question That's Been Bothering Men For Years: How Do I Get The Perfect Haircut?

Ask your barber for a ‘textured edge’ style, as seen on the catwalk at James Long. It’s basically 
a groomed and neatly cut version of your hair, which you can add effortless texture to with a little product. It looks slick enough for the office but casual enough for everyday life, so you won’t look like you’ve made an unnecessary effort to impress your bosses.

Need to maintain the style once you’re out of the salon? Murdock London’s head stylist Rory Hazell says, “Towel-dry your hair, then add salt spray to give it some texture. Use your fingertips and a hairdryer 
to lift up the roots without losing all movement. Finish with a pea-sized amount 
of hair clay—just do this once a day, as a build-up 
of product doesn’t look quite so ‘effortless’.”