How To Give Your Lady Multiple Mind-Bending Orgasms (According To Science)

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Unlike men, women can experience multiple orgasms in any given sexual experience with very little, if any, refraction period. By that I mean, women don't need to wait a bit to get ready in-between trysts. On the flip-side however, women may not experience any orgasm at all during intercourse. Sigh. It's a blessing and a curse, I suppose.

So really, when faced with the choice between giving your lady multiple orgasms or none at all, is there even a question of which you'd prefer? No. Didn't think so.

OMGYes, The Kinsey Institute, and Indiana University decided to tackle this subject head on by trying to figure out how exactly to assist women in multiple orgasms.

"Through in-depth interviews with 1,000 women, and a nationally representative survey of an additional 1,055 women, OMGYES compiled what's basically a how-to guide for having mind-blowing multiples, backed up by IRL techniques from the women who have them."

That's a solid study group, no doubt indicative of how most women react to sexual stimuli. Now for the good stuff-what were the outcomes and how can you take them with you into the bedroom?

"Of the 47 percent of women who reported being able to have multiple orgasms at all, a little more than half (53 percent) said they couldn't stand any pressure or touching on their clits right after orgasm no. 1, even if they typically find it easier to come from clit stimulation in general."

Okay, so following the first orgasm, which ideally would be by clitoral stimulation. Do NOT touch her clitoris. Easy enough, right? Moving on...

Lydia Daniller, one of the co-founders of OMGyes relays:

"Something we heard again and again was that if you treat your body after that first orgasm like a whole new body, you can have multiples."

Ultimately this means that when engaging in sex with your lady, be sure to switch things up. Treat each orgasms as an isolated experience and start over new for the next. Sounds exhausting, in the best way, of course.

"Study participant, Sidney, describes how she comes after her first orgasm thusly: "One of the greatest things that I learned from an old lover of mine is to squeeze the lips and then move them, and I could achieve a second orgasm really quickly, and I could keep doing that with the squeezing of the lips a number of times."

Take notes, gentleman. This move is called a "clit sandwich." The idea is to sandwich the clit between the labia majora and pulse.

Rob Perkins, another OMGyes co-founder, provides us with this helpful tip:

"What we found in these studies is that women who speak specifically about what they like are eight times more likely to be happy in their relationship, and six times more likely to be sexually satisfied."

Awesome! Open and honest communication about sex is really a given, but it's great to see it reiterated by science.

Perkins goes onto suggest that a great deal of women in the study were unaware of their ability to have multiple orgasms until they were older. It's important that a woman gains the utmost experience with her own body for her partner is able to. It's sort of like the age-old adage, "practice makes perfect."

Lastly, don't fret if this is something that you've tried again and again to help your girl achieve and it's just not working. The study does mention that some women simply don't function that way, and that's okay too. We can't have it all, I guess.


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