Here's How To Grow A Beard Like A Real Grown Up

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We know it, you know it. That beard maintenance you've got going on just isn't cutting it, and you're starting to look more like Ron Burgundy during his midlife meltdown than you want to admit.


Your dad might have taught you how to shave, but we bet nobody's ever sat you down and told you what beard you should be growing for your face shape, how to grow a beard properly, and how you should look after trimming those whiskers up.

We're here to change all that with the help of Ted Baker's Master Barber...

Starting from scratch makes stubble easy to achieve.
"Shave twice a week and keep completely clean around areas that fall outside the jaw and cheek zones to achieve the sharpest definition.

If you like scruffier stubble, keep it natural looking.
"Shave once a week and don’t cut sharp lines in; you want to achieve a natural look.

And if you want to go even wilder than that...
"Visit a barber once every fornight but ensure you clean properly to maintain hygiene. The most important thing to remember is that although you want to achieve a grown-out, natural look, length and thickness must be consistent throughout so you still look well-groomed.

No idea what type of facial hair to go for? Suit it to your face shape.
"The natural definition of a square face is beautifully accentuated with classic stubble, although scruff or full beards will emphasise the masculine features of this face shape.

If you've got a narrow face, avoid any beards with length.
"Scruffy and full beards only serve to underline the smallness of a narrow face. However, the delicate features of a narrow face work perfectly in tandem with pencil thin stubble.

Round face? Scruff is the answer.
"Well-maintained scruff is the order of the day for round heads; full beards only make the head look rounder, while the definition of stubble is ill-matched to the softness of round features.

Great, but how do you avoid the dreaded beard itch?
"Beard itch is a rite of passage- try to remember that if it itches, that means you’re on the path to success. To ease the itching though, use a beard combto push all the hair in the same direction, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Check out Ted Baker's Grooming Room here...

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