Experts Tell Us The Tricks To Growing Your Own Cannabis At Home

Image via Instagram/bigmike

Although marijuana isn't 100 percent legal in every state, it has become less and less judged, with people from doctors to lawyers to everyone in-between unafraid about smoking it every once in awhile.

And, while most people resort to buying their pot from distributors—when legal, of course—there are a few people who know that the best way to score some stuff is by growing it themselves.

Of course, that's easier said than done, as many of us don't know the first thing about growing marijuana at home, let alone how to actually pull it off without getting busted.

Thankfully, we reached out to some cannabis-industry experts, who let us in on some of their little secrets as to how to grow marijuana in the comfort of our own homes.

  • “Safety first! Many of the at-home light set ups utilize high-intensity lighting which can potentially cause house fires if not set up properly. LED lighting kits are a much safer option for amateur growers, and in addition to safety, they are much more affordable to operate.” — Derek Peterson, CEO of Terra Tech Corp., the first publicly traded cannabis company in the U.S.


  • "I'd recommend against growing at home in non-legal states, due to the serious ramifications that can come about as a result of getting caught. With that said, if someone finds themselves in a state that allows for the practice, it's always wise to make sure high-end equipment, such as good lighting and accurate testing kits, is in place." — Danny Davis, Managing Partner at Convectium, a branding, packaging and equipment solutions company serving the legal cannabis industry.


  • "Consider growing with Ceramic Metal Halide lights instead of your traditional Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs. They are lower wattage, produce less heat and have a great light spectrum. You can use them for both your veg and flower stages." — Louis Santillana, Chief Cultivation Officer at Diego Pellicer, Colorado, an upscale Denver-based cannabis dispensary


  • "Before you even put dirt in the ground, before you visit your dispensary to buy your plants, before you search online for seed banks, you need to decide what type of marijuana strains you want to grow. Since you will be spending your time and effort growing your own, be sure that you choose the strains of cannabis to grow that you really want to consume once it's time to harvest. There are thousands of different marijuana strains available, and each provides a different effect." — Mike Weiss, Founder & CEO of CannaCopia, a mobile app that picks the best strain for a user based on their desired mental mood, physical effects, medical condition and taste preferences.


  • "The best way to grow cannabis at home nowadays is by using an automatic growing device. Growing is not a perfect science, and as a result, there's a lot of hassle involved in getting the result you're looking for. By using an automated growing device, everything from properly timed fertilization, to sensor-based temperature adjustment, to humidity needs are taken care of. It's also worth noting that whether you're next to the plant or 1,000 miles away, you can follow and track its growth via a cellular app.” — Uri Zeevi, CEO of Seedo, a fully automated hydroponics growing device company based out of Israel


  • “If you’re going to grow at home, please be informed with your current state laws to make sure it’s a legal operation. Besides that, have fun- it’s a learning experience along the way.” — Alejandro Canto, COO and Owner of Diego Pellicer, Washington, an independent Seattle-based cannabis brand licensee which recently opened a high-end dispensary in the city.


  • "I believe home growing is the next boom for the cannabis industry. The majority of medically legal states have a provision for people to grow their own plants. This can be intimidating, but by looking to companies that offer grow kits or services for novice growers, such as DIGS Hydro, beginner growers shouldn't feel intimidated by the prospect of having a home grow (so long as they're willing to put in some effort and learn from the process)." — Wil Ralston, VP of Sales and Marketing for SinglePoint, a publicly-traded cannabis holding company specializing in acquisitions of small to mid-sized companies.


  • "The single most important factor in growing your own cannabis is in understanding your local regulations. Do not assume anything, do your reading and make sure you fully understand what you are and aren't able to do... In short, make sure the information you are reading is current and from a credible source before you turn your extra room into a garden." — Pantelis Ataliotis, President of Dr. Dabber, a Nevada-based vaporizer company.

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