Lucy Mecklenburgh Tells Us How To Impress A Woman At The Gym

Want to impress a girl in the gym? You don't need us to tell you that it's no easy task.

Think about it, how could it be easy? It's essentially an anti-social environment—everyone's got their headphones in, focussing on the task at hand. It's hard to strike up a natural conversation with the person next to you when they're deep breathing their way through a particularly brutal session on the cross trainer. Not to mention the fact that nobody looks their best covered head to toe in glistening sweat.

That's why we've recruited former FHM cover star and perhaps the only human on planet Earth who looks incredible in the gym, Lucy Mecklenburgh (see below for proof), to give you a quick guide to getting the girl post-workout.

Don't: Show Off By Lifting More Than You Can Handle

And whatever you do, don't make any unnecessary grunting noises.

Don't: Approach Her While She's Running On The Treadmill

"It'll probably be a little bit awkward if she's in the middle of a run," says Lucy. "Wait until she's finished what she's doing, then go talk to her."

Do: Try To Match With Her On Tinder If You're Too Shy To Say Hello

But she's probably not going to be checking Tinder while she's lifting weights, so you're best off going with the direct approach.

Don't: Check Yourself Out In The Mirror Under Any Circumstances

We don't care if you reckon you look like second generation Arnie with your new-found rippling pecs. "No girl wants to go out with a guy who is more vain than them," advises Lucy. "If you're checking out your guns in the mirror, that's not attractive."

Do: Compliment Her Gym Outfit

"Compliment what she's wearing. It's not really the time to compliment something else," Lucy warns. "But maybe you can compliment her by saying she's naturally pretty, because at the gym, she probably won't have much make-up on."

Don't: Take A Gym Selfie

Does a gym selfie expert like Lucy appreciate the male gym selfie? "No, no, no. I must admit, I like a good gym selfie but I do mine in a private studio." Rule of thumb: If you're going for an Instagram shot, make sure there's no one else around to see you take it.

Do: Actually, You Know, Workout

"At the end of the day, you're there to get fit and healthy," Lucy says.

Lead Image Via Instagram/lucymeck1