19 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work (Because, Let's Face It, We Could All Use It)

Believe it or not, guys, learning how to increase productivity at work isn't nearly as daunting as you'd think. As we've mentioned on many occasions here at FHM it's all about working smarter, not harder. This is especially important when it comes to your job. If you're unable to make your working environment pleasant, it's going to negatively effect the quality of your life.

Nick Campanella of GETVOiP put together a (beyond) comprehensive infographic that includes a whopping 19 different science-backed hacked to increase productivity at work. We highlighted a few of our favorites in the video above — using some funny AF GIFs from The Office.

Remember: harder, not smarter! Sometimes, all it takes is creating a schedule, rearranging the layout of the office, or simply prioritizing one project at a time.

Pretty freakin' awesome, right? Who knew there were so many seemingly irrelevant aspects of everyday office life that actually slow us down. White walls? Natural light? The air conditioner? All of these environmental factors clearly make a huge impact — as countless studies have suggested. If you don't have control over these aspects of your office, there's no shame in telling an administrator who can adjust them for you. If anything, you're doing everyone a favor!

As for the things you're in control of — working from home, listening to nature sounds, checking your email less, among others — try to slowly, but surely incorporate as many of these hacks into your day as possible. Don't stress, breathe, and recognize that no matter what work is just work. You will get everything you need to get done and you'll get that paycheck on payday.

To read the full article head on over to GETVOiP.

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