How To Land A Date With The Office Hottie

FHM’s Relationship Editor, Girl On The Net, leads you safely through the minefield of dating in the workplace.

“Office relationships shouldn’t be taboo, but be aware your colleague has probably spent her working life fending off approaches from sleazy guys at the Christmas party. A failed chat-up will, at best, make you look like the office creep and, at worst, be grounds for gross misconduct. Be respectful—never, ever, That Guy.

1. Just Be Friendly

“Start with a friendly chat, then ask her if she fancies a drink. Phrase it casually, as no one wants to feel obliged to go for beers with their colleagues/boss. Try, “Long day – fancy a drink to wind down?”

2. Show Interest

“Feel free to talk about work on a date, but don’t say anything she could use against you if she gets promoted. Slip some of your more fun hobbies (everyone likes bus spotting, right?) into the conversation, but, more importantly, show an interest in hers.

3. Don't Announce Things At The Next Meeting, Dude

“If you manage to get together, keep it low-key in the office. No one wants to picture their colleagues naked. When it all inevitably falls apart, stay professional. If you’re bitter, swap her desktop wallpaper for a high-res picture of a dog’s arse.”