How To Make A Pretty Woman Smile

Six-packs, film star looks and sports cars are all very good (we assume), but everyone knows the thing a lady likes most is a man with a wicked sense of humour. Model Terra Jo, who you'll meet in this month's issue, has a few pointers for you.

No spinning bow ties
"It's a real turn-off when I can tell a guy is really trying to make me laugh. It has to be organic and natural. Even a bad joke can be quite cute if it seems like it's spontaneous."

Don't overdo it
If you're not getting a reaction, don't plough on like some kind of awful comedy Energizer bunny. "If a guy continually tells jokes all the time, it can be a bit annoying. Again, it's the whole trying/not trying thing. If he's just doing it to impress me, that's not good.

Use with caution
"Offensive jokes - as long as they're actually clever - are generally good in my book. And I like good sarcasm."

See more of the amazing Terra Jo in the June issue of FHM.