A Man's Guide To Homemade Beef Jerky

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We're not too sure about you, but, as a guy, there's nothing we love snacking on more than some good ol' beef jerky. Sure, things like candy, ice cream and all those other stuff are great to satisfy that sweet tooth of ours, but, when it comes to just sitting around and stuffing our faces between meals, it's beef jerky that always does the trick.

Problem is, it's not as if the stuff is really all that cheap. After all, look at any convenient store and you'll see a package will set you back a good $7 or so, and that's for a bag that, more than likely, you'll be able to eat in just a few hours.

Let's stop that nonsense, though, because, right here, well, we've got the homemade beef jerky recipe that you've always wanted. So, thanks to All Recipes, this is how to make your own.


As the video shows, making your own beef jerky is actually easier than cooking homemade pot brownies—although, honestly, we're not sure if the aftermath is as fun or not?

To dive deeper into what you'll need and the instructions to make it, here you go:

What You'll Need:

And, now that you know what to pick up at the grocery store, here's how to make it all come together.

There you go, guys. Just like that, you've not only made your own beef jerky, but you've impressed your buddies at the same time. Good work.

Lead image via Tasting Table

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