How To Make The Most Of Your Steak And A BJ Day

Men from sea to shining sea, rejoice! It's your day!

A month following Valentine's Day (February 14th), Steak and a Blowjob Day is held to commemorate the men who, let's face it, got the short end of the stick last month. The tricky part is however, Valentine's Day is a huge hallmark holiday where ideas for dining and entertainment are already so heavily engrained in the fabric of our culture. Seriously, how many advertisements leading up to that dreaded day were you forced to endure? I'd say more than you could stomach, right?

Steak and a Blowjob Day is lesser known, but that doesn't mean there aren't incredible people out there trying to get the buzz going so that the men who sacrificed last month with flowers, and jewelry , and gluten-free meals can have their day in the sun!

The owners of Sapphire New York, a very prominent and well known Strip Club, decided to take a stab at something men love almost as much as beautiful women, and boy did they succeed.

"The Upper East Side introduces a fully rebranded steakhouse, Primal Cut, operated by the owners of Sapphire Gentleman's Club​ ​(yes, this officially will be the sexiest steakhouse around)​. ​The enhanced restaurant hosts a 60 seat dining area and large bar. Josh Held spearheaded the new design bringing smoked oak flooring, granite tabletops, and sleek bronze details to the space where Prime 333 enjoyed seven years of success. The menu, created by Executive Chef Thomas Perone (Thomas' Greek Kitchen and Pig Guy NYC), focuses on elevated steakhouse staples with fresh and seasonal additions. Signature dishes include a warm lobster salad, double-cut lamb chops, and plenty cuts of the highest quality, including a Tomahawk Ribeye for two."

Not only is that description mouthwatering, we have something even better to share with you. Primal cut is offering a Steak and a Blowjob day special: 2oz. Filet Mignon topped with one piece of Jumbo Shrimp Scampi for...$14. Yes, you read that correctly, $14 dollars.

When you're done eating, Sapphire has quite the extensive menu as well. We'll let you check all of them out on the website, but here's our favorite:

The Fatal Attraction Fantasy Is there a fantasy Sapphire can make become a reality? Does your partner dream of being serviced by a sexy nurse or teacher. Get that special attention of your server exclusively yours for 2 hours in your fantasy. Table service will be themed.

Well, I know what I'm doing tonight.

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