How To Never Mess Up A Steak Ever (Ever) Again

Forget rubs and marinades for the moment. That stuff’s all for nothing if you don’t know the basics of grilling up an immaculate, mouth-watering T-bone steak. While there are plenty of the world's best steak knives out there that are meant to cut through meat like butter, why make it more difficult on yourself by not just cooking the thing right? That seems like the smarter idea, no?

Since we care about your meat — yeah, we said it — here are DJ BBQ’s tips for getting your fleshy fundamentals down pat.

“Steak you want on a hot heat. Always. There’s a sweet point on the charring. If you take it too far, the steak goes bitter."

“Hit it for about a minute,no more. Then flip it. That’s how you get good searing."

“Coat it in herb butter made from unsalted butter and (not too much) thyme while it cooks. The creaminess of butter with the woodiness of thyme is incredible."

“Forget timers. Poke your steak to see when it’s cooked. Unlike chicken and pork, the inside of steak is sterile. When you poke it, you don’t want too much punchback, unless you want it well done."

“Once it’s cooked, let the steak rest for five minutes. This allows the juices to go back into the muscle, preventing
a dry steak. While it’s resting, apply pepper. You don’t want to apply pepper beforehand because a lot of black pepper goes acrid when you cook it.”