Using A Sheet Of Paper To Open A Beer Bottle Is Such A Badass Move (Video)

Image via YouTube

As a guy, there's nothing more satisfying than doing something so badass that your friends look at you in awe as if you were David Blaine and just executed some sort of miracle magic trick. Seriously, how awesome is it when you know a trick or a piece of knowledge that actually benefits you when talking to people? It's like you're the king of the castle and everyone else is just sort of a pawn.

That might be a little overdramatic, but I think you get the point: It's pretty cool being the smartest person in the room—presumably.

While we've given you a number of helpful life hacks like using toothpaste in a variety of ways, and, naturally, a number of cool tricks that your smartphone can do.

But, boy, neither one of those even compares with this trick—which shows you how to open a bottle of beer with a simple sheet of paper. In fact, if there's a more useful life hack on the planet, we'd be shocked, because this is something that we'll be using plenty!


As the video shows, there's not much to this, guys, with the person in the video simply folding a standard, 8x11-inch piece of paper a bunch of times to create a makeshift bottle opener—which, somewhat surprisingly, is strong enough to pop off the cap.

This tip is so useful it's not even funny. How many times have you been at a party and someone totally forgot to bring a bottle opener, leaving people looking for random objects like lighters and table edges to open it? Not anymore, as a sheet of paper is all you'll need.

Now get to drinking, boys—and use this little trick to impress the ladies and your friends before toasting.

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