A Man's Guide To Picking Up Women On Social Media (Because Anywhere Else Is Weird)

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Harriet Sugarcookie is most definitely a solid source for millennial men looking for advice on dating, sex, and relationships. Then again, so are we, so why not combine the two? Great idea, right? Right!

We stumbled across some advice from HSC on how to pick up women on social media. It's pretty kickass, so we're going to for sure share it with you, but additionally we'll be adding our own two cents—cause ya know, we know or thing or two (I think/hope).


Harriet's Pointers—

Personally, while I think Twitter is a great way to gauge someone's personality, because you know, 140 characters says a lot, I happen to think sliding into someone's Twitter DMs is ALWAYS going to look creepy UNLESS you've been following and *actively** liking each other's content for roughly ...a year.*


Harriet's Pointers—

Generally speaking, I agree with all of HSC's pointers. Additionally I would add, NEVER poke someone (it's 2017, it's dead) and if you do request someone, wait for them to accept. Don't message them as well, it's a bit stalker-ish.


Harriet's Pointers—

*Harriet feels about Instagram, the way I do about Twitter. Perhaps it's because I'm being shallow? No, it's because I know most people are shallow. Yeah, that's it. Personally, I think if you're going to try and date someone you've met on social media, Instagram is the place to do. If anything, it's the most honest approach. You're flat out saying (without actually saying)—"I know nothing about you other than the smallest bio ever and the 1,534 pictures you've posted since July of 2014."


Harriet's Pointers— * Don’t send dick pics without permission * If she says she’s not interested, don’t pursue further * Don’t get angry if she rejects you * Don’t forget to ask for her number and to try and arrange meeting up in real life * Don’t send lots of messages if she doesn’t reply

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