How To Properly Pull Off A Movember Mustache

Image via Photofest

We still have a few more days left in October, but with November only a few days away, that can only mean one thing — mustaches!

That's right, thanks to a real-life organization that inspires men to go unshaved for the entire month of "Movember" to help the biggest health issues faced by men — prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention — you have a legitimate reason to leave that upper lip fur for a full 30 days.

But if you're thinking about taking part in the Movember movement, you need to know some tips on how to get that perfect 'stache, where even Magnum P.I. himself will be jealous. If that's what you're going for, follow these tips.


You might be wondering why in the hell we're writing a piece on Movember when there's still four days left in October, right? Simple: Because if you go unshaved for the next few days, you'll create a nice base to which you can maintain through the entire month of November. Think of it this way, you wouldn't go into a job interview unprepared, would you? Of course not! So don't go into November expecting a perfect mustache when your face is as clean as a baby's butt.

Be Patient And Stay Committed

Way too often, men find that their facial hair does, in fact, grow a lot slower than they ever believed. So while you sport a mustache that's more teenage boy than Magnum P.I. early on, don't give up on it. Sure, you look ridiculous and it's not what you envisioned, but this is the one month where it's actually socially acceptable to do so, and all the awkward looks should be tossed aside with confidence no matter how silly that thing looks.

Get To Scrubbing

This is an essential rule—especially early on—as getting a face wash that keeps the cells beneath the hair on your upper lip clean and healthy. It's important to note that the scrub used does not have some sort of ingredients in it that bleach your hair, though. If that happens, you may find lighter brown or even blonde hairs unevenly blended in with the rest of the culprits—which just makes things look uneven.

Do Not Get Electric

One of the most common mistakes made by men who aren't used to having lip fur is buzzing it with an electric razor. While it's necessary to keep your incoming 'stache neat, use scissors or a razor to do so, otherwise you may go a little wild with the trimming by using the clippers and find yourself looking more like Hitler than you want to. That's not a good look for anyone—not even Michael Jordan. The last thing you want to do is hit the reset button midway through the month because of a bad clean up attempt.

Wax On, Wax Off

Just as you would put wax or some other product in the hair on top of your head, it's important to treat your mustache with the same care. That's why many men use some sort of facial wax that helps keep things "tight" around your upper lip, maintaining that "clean" look and giving it a more full appearance.

Stubble On The Cheeks Is OK

A lot of guys, myself included, think that growing a mustache means shaving everything else as smooth as possible. Most of us do that because we want to really make the 'stache stand out and be more pronounced—since it's lacking in the fullness area, otherwise. But if you think your face looks better with a little stubble on the cheeks without making it seem like you're growing a beard, go for it!

Make Sure To Moisturize

As noted above, there are plenty of skin cells beneath your new mustache that need some love, so you better make sure you use some moisturizer to let them breathe a little bit. Just as you should with your face every morning after a shower, dry your lip fur and lather that moisturizer on there before applying the aforementioned styling wax. Bet you didn't know there'd be so much maintenance, huh?

Have Fun

This is a common theme throughout most articles we write here, but when it comes to sporting a mustache, it's absolutely an important rule to remember. You're doing this for a good cause and helping save fellow men's lives, so forget the haters, the people who laugh or make fun of it or the days you wake up and realize that, "holy shit, this thing is hideous." Wear it proudly, sport!