How To Pull Off '90s Old School Without Looking Like A Fool

Scared of dressing like your 12-year-old self? Crack this season’s top trend in style. Check out FHM fashion editor Daisy Deane's expert tips on how to dress like it's still the '90s, baby!


Ease Yourself In

If reppin’ the old school from head to toe is a bit daunting, just add one retro piece to your everyday attire. Swap your skinny jeans for some Marky Mark-style looser-fitting legwear, your polo shirt for an Ellesse one, or your track top for a toweling Fila version.

Baggy Jeans Are Your Friends

When it comes to denim, it’s all about a bootcut fit. That’s right, you need to add an extra inch or two to the width of your usual slim-fit.

It's All About The Brands

Many heavyweight labels of the ’90s have made a triumphant comeback in the past few years. The likes of Fila, Ellesse, Champion and Umbro are all there, with cool updates of classic styles.

Old Shit Just Got 'Vintage'

Next time you pay your family a visit, get into the loft, rummage through your old threads and pull out that hoodie that you always wore, Kappa popper trackies and Adidas shell toes and ask why you ever put them away.

OTT Logos Are Cool

The bigger the logo, the better.