How To Pull Off Wearing Your Girlfriend's Clothes

It’s not easy for a bloke to wear oversized, lipstick-red sunglasses and look as cool as a cucumber, yet after watching Kurt Cobain documentary Montage Of Heck, in which the Nirvana frontman dons his lady shades and, y’know, casually becomes a style icon, there’s proof that it’s totally possible.

Actually, in 2015, you don’t have to be a Smells Like Teen Spirit-singing, internationally worshipped rock star to wear your girlfriend’s clothes without looking like you’re heading to a fancy-dress party dressed as Alex Reid. Nuh huh. This year is all about ‘agender’ – clobber that’ll suit both you and your missus.

Department store Selfridges has even opened an entire section dedicated to garms designed for both males and females, proving that the trend has arrived on the high street.

Don’t act so surprised. We all know a guy who swears by his nut-hugging, girlie, skintight jeans, while you only need to walk through hipster cities like Copenhagen or New York to see the fairer sex rocking manly brogues and straight-leg trousers. The gender boundaries have blurred, making it impossible to tell if clothes like these are made for you or your other half…

£75, Bethnals

£49, Armor-Lux at  End Clothing

£150, Sandqvist at  Content Store London

£52, Vans

£200, Stutterheim at  Oki-Ni