How To Reheat Steak And Actually Enjoy It (VIDEO)

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We know what you guys must be thinking — "What's a leftover steak?" We get it! Most of the time if you're grilling up a steak, you're eating the whole damn thing. That being said, every so often your stomach just can't handle it. Rather than throwing it away or giving it to the dog, why not learn how to reheat steak like a champ?

Sure, it sounds like a culinary disaster in theory, but, as per the video below, you'll find it's more than possible to reheat a steak without completely destroying both the flavor and texture. You know that God-awful expression, "there's more than one way to skin a cat?" Yeah, well, erm, there's more than one way to reheat a cow. Man, we're going to vegan hell.

OK, so, in the event that guy spoke way too fast for y'all, we went ahead and listed some bullet points below for easy replication.

As stated, they might not be as juicy as the original go-around, but they will have a nice crispy crust and we don't know about you guys, but that sounds perfectly delicious to us!

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