Beat The Clock: How To Optimize The Last 10 Minutes At Work

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Before we get to the infographic below on something that should ultimately be common sense, but unfortunately isn't, I figured I'd go ahead and fill ya'll in on how I spend my last 10-minutes at work. Sometimes the best way to learn is by watching others fail—miserably. Now that I think about it, that's actually the entire premise of parenthood. I bet that's why my mom drilled the phrase, "Do as I say, not as I do" into me at such a young age. Sorry, I'm having a revelatory moment.

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Moving forward! No bullshit, I love my job. What I don't love is that my job and where I live are divided by a little something called a state f'in line and thusly, I have to schlep my ass onto a train twice a day. If you're thinking, "Why don't you just move closer to work?" I have a rebuttal! Why don't you pay off my student loans for me so I can! Thanks.

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My last 10-minutes that should I ideally be spent doing the number of helpful and healthy tips below are generally spent wondering how many middle aged white-collar-Wall-Street-suburban- douchebags are going to use a train seat for their briefcase instead of letting me sit! OR how many times I'm going to get body checked by other self-absorbed millennials just wanting to get home to their Wi-Fi and Instagram stories. Don't be like me! Be better! Don't sweat things you can't control, optimize your time and leave work feeling ready to concur the rest of your evening!

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