A Netflix Email Scam Was Sent Out To Nearly 110 Million Subscribers, Here's How To Spot It

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We're sad to announce that the latest victim in a long year of malicious online scams is popular streaming service, Netflix. Because there's a strong chance that a majority of you reading along have a Netflix account, we figured it was pretty important to inform you guys on how to spot this bad boy.

The last thing that any of us need is losing our Netflix account. Oh, and someone stealing our credit card information. They're about even on the totem pole of importance, unfortunately. What can we say, we love a good Netflix binge! According to MailGuard:

"This scam email is relatively well designed. The scammers are using a template system to generate individualized messages with specific recipient data. This works like a mail-merge; the body of the email is generic, but the sender field is designed to show the name of the intended victim, which personalizes the scam making it more convincing.

"In this case the scammer’s system has not worked as well as they hoped and in the example below – screen-captured by our operations team – you can see that the ‘recipient’ field in the email has not been merged successfully. Instead of the victim’s name, it shows the placeholder instead."

Below you'll find an example of the scam email:

Pretty legit looking, right? We understand why people would fall for that. Hell, we'd fall for that! Now that you're aware of what's going on, just be cautious. P.S. If you don't pay for your own Netflix account, maybe just pass along this information to the person you're leeching off of, you scrub.

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