How To Start A Fire With Water (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

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We have to admit, when we came across an article on Facebook titled "How To Start A Fire With Water", we were a bit skeptical. As far as elements go, fire and water aren't exactly, well, compatible. If anything, they're kind of sworn enemies — think Batman and The Joker. We shouldn't have to clarify which is which, but, if you're a little slow on the uptake, don't worry ,we got you! Water is Batman and fire is The Joker. Make sense? OK, moving forward. The video below from, Nifty Outdoors is pretty idiot proof. Permitting you have all of the supplies, you should be starting a fire with water in no time! Take a look:

If only Tom Hanks had known about this nifty little trick in Cast Away! He would have saved himself a lot of agony. Seriously though, that was pretty awesome! It's amazing to see two seemingly contrasting elements come together. Gotta love science, guys, right? Logistically, you could use this hack on a camping trip or as a really cool party trick at a backyard BBQ.

In all fairness, it is a lot of work — we wouldn't judge you for using a lighter, or hell, even a magnifying glass, we promise. If nothing else, we just wanted to share this with y'all in the event you were ever in a dire, survival-like situation. You never know when you're going to need to start a fire. It's crucial to be able to cook a steak whenever and wherever you may be, remember that.

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