How To Stop Your iPhone From Autocorrecting Swear Words (Because It's Your Text And You Can Curse If You F'in Want To)

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We think it's safe to say that all of you have had a particularly heated text exchange when all of a sudden your iPhone decides to pull a "duck you, I ducking hate you." Now, in the grand scheme of things, the recipient is most definitely aware of what you were actually trying to say, but, still — it takes away a lot of the necessary oomf one needs to win an argument. Simply put, ducking doesn't pack the same punch as f'cking and for that reason, it's time you learn how to stop your iPhone from autocorrecting swear words.

As luck would have it, the solution isn't complicated. No, we're serious — it's so simple that we feel a bit dumb that we didn't come up with it ourselves. As with most things in 2017, it was discovered on Twitter, go figure! What would we do without that blessed app? All you have to do is grab your phone and proceed to the following: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Of course, we provided visual aids below.

Option A:

Option B:

That's all it takes, guys. See? We weren't joking when we said it was simple. Now, the best part is that this text replacement can be done with anything — not just swear words. Say you want to mess with your buddy, go ahead and replace the word "pizza" with "penis" and watch the hilarity unfold. For example, when his girlfriend says. "What do you want for dinner tonight, babe?" it would be a real laugh for him to reply "penis". OK, we're 12 years old.

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