How To Successfully Make A Sex Tape

Images via YouTube

It might not be your biggest fantasy, but making a sex tape with your significant other has definitely crossed your mind on more than just one occasion. But because it's not the easiest—or most comfortable—thing in the world, actually recording one takes some planning.

Whether you're looking to become the next YouPorn star or just want to keep the thing to watch on your phone, here are the do's and don'ts of making the perfect sex tape.

Do: Get A Good Camera

It might be easiest to just go ahead and film the thing on one of your phones, but the quality is going to suck and, more than anything, the chances of that thing leaking out somehow increases tremendously. Do both of yourselves a favor and get a sturdy camera that will make what you want to watch later solid quality.

Don't: Forget About It

Whether on a camera or on your phone, one of the biggest mistakes someone can make is to watch it a few times, put it somewhere and then forget about it. While you may not be a celeb trying to avoid a sex tape scandal, you also don't want to have your naked self published all over the Internet or ending up in the hands of the wrong person/people.

Do: Always Ask

You're a gentleman, this much is true. So don't be the jackass who hides the camera someplace in your bedroom to try and capture all the action without the other person knowing what's going on. Not only is it embarrassing for them, but it's creepy—and that's the last thing this is supposed to be about.

Don't: Keep The Lights Off

Even if you have the most up-to-date, most high-tech night vision camera, filming yourself getting down and dirty in the dark is the wrong move. You don't need the same lighting that a porn set has, but you don't want to look like a couple of ghosts with bright green eyes who are just making moaning noises.

Do: Have Fun With It

This is for your eyes only—hopefully—so why be afraid of doing it the way you want it? This may mean dressing up like a movie characters to act out some weird fantasy, or getting all naughty by role-playing with some dirty talk. You may only get one shot at this, so go all-in and stage it the way you do or don't want it to look.

Don't: Try And Be Perfect

Neither one of you are professionals at this, so don't try to come in all studly with a completely waxed body and a sophisticated plan on how it's all going to go down. Filming yourself having sex is already awkward as it is, so when one or both of you think that you need to act like your favorite porn stars and scream, bite, moan and talk like one, the finished product will be painfully cheesy.

Do: Make Sure There's Trust

As stated above, the last thing you want is for this thing to get out and into the wrong hands—even if you live on your parents' couch and don't have much to lose. If either one of you thinks that the person might be untrustworthy, put the kibosh on it and make sure it doesn't happen. People can be vengeful—especially if things don't work out in the relationship—so don't get burned by making a sex tape who will leak it out to family, friends or strangers online.