How To Not Sound Dumb When: Sliding Into Her DMs (With Tips From Bri Teresi)

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Whether you guys want to accept it or not, sliding into her DMs is alive and well. Yo Gotti was not freakin' kidding when he said, "it goes down in the DM," and, unless you learn how to slide into DMs like a champion — you're going to be left single and alone for the rest of your miserable life. OK, so that might be a little extreme, but you get the point! The sooner you learn how to sliding into her DMs, the sooner you aren't forced to meet a lady at the grocery store, or, worse, through your mother! That' so old school, anyway.

Problem is, do all of you even know what a DM is? No, this isn't a trick question. We're actually being serious here. Just because something has become popular, doesn't mean everyone automatically becomes an expert. Take some of the latest health and fitness crazes as an example; everyone knows about them, yet, half the country is still obese.

For those unfamiliar on how to slide into DMs or what they are, we reached out to blonde model Bri Teresi, who helps us navigate all those messages appropriately. And, since we really like to educate you guys, we have Bri give you the things you need to know so not to sound dumb when shooting your shot in the DMs. Happy messaging, fellas!

What Do DMs Mean?

A DM is a private message (direct message) sent on social media. It was originally most popular on Twitter, but has since extended to Instagram. Facebook technically has DMs, but because there's a separate app, most people just call those "Facebook Messages."

What Are DMs On Twitter?

As we said, DMs first gained recognition on Twitter and thusly, remain the most popular place to send them. In fact, Twitter was the first social media platform to actually call them "Direct Messages". You can blame them for starting this whole thing.

Now, allow Bri Tersei to tell you how to slide into DMs (without looking like a total creep).

Instagram is notorious for having a collection of beautiful models that are only a click away from you to try and impress. So, it's probably no surprise, that I receive thousands of daily messages from people who want a female model’s perspective on how to spark up initial conversation.

As the first generation with the luxury of “sliding into DMs,” it's important to remember that this is a science that takes finesse. The pressure’s on, as you only have that one chance to catch her attention without being totally ignored, or worse, blocked. So, guys, if you’re interested in asking a hot model out, getting laid or even getting as lucky as potentially being in a relationship with a hot model, than keep on reading, because these are my step-by-step tips on how to successfully slide into her DMs!

I’m not sure if this is breaking girl code, but consider me your model insider. I can’t wait to share with you other secrets.

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