How To Survive When A Shark's About To Chomp You To Bits (According To A Navy SEAL)

Image via YouTube

It's about to be the time of year when we all get the hell to the beach to soak up some sun, enjoy a few cold ones on the beach and, of course, go for a little dip.

But, if you're anything like I am, one of your biggest concerns if headed into an ocean is the threat of a shark attack, which, believe it or not, seem to be more and more prominent these days—if the amount of news we write about the damn things is any indication.

Hell, even those who think they're safe by swimming in a pool that boarders the beach aren't safe—remember that time last month when a shark was found beneath swimmers? Terrifying.

But, don't worry, if a shark does decide to find your dangling legs while in a body of water, you're not completely shit out of luck.

That's because our pals over at LifeHacker found some tips from former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson, who gave his top-notch advice on how to actually survive a shark attack thanks to this Business Insider video.


As Emerson points out, sharks are more prone to attack from beneath you (surprise), meaning they're literally going for your legs to take you out, hoping to pull you underneath the water to devour your sorry ass.

That's a scary as hell predicament, but, amidst the frenzy, avoid freaking out—it could cause the shark to become even more interested.

Emerson continues by suggesting you shove your thumbs into the shark's eyes, or jam your fingers as hard as you can into its gills and try to pull at them. Remember, this is survival of the fittest, so, it might sound gross, but look at the alternative.

So, while we aren't all trained to kick the shit out of a shark like a Navy SEAL is, this is at least an option to leave you too unscathed and swimming back towards shore.


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