How To Talk To Your Boss Into Giving You The Raise You Deserve

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Let’s be honest, you’re working for peanuts. And because we know how good you are at your job, we talked with Carmine Gallo—author of Talk Like TED: The 9 Public Speaking Secrets Of The World’s Top Minds—who wants you to march into your boss' office and demand the pay raise that you deserve.

Here’s how to do it without creating a complete shitstorm.

1. Get Your Facts Right

Don’t just blunder in there – make a clear plan of what you want to say, and stick to it. “Communication matters, and it matters a lot,” says Carmine. “A strong argument and a thoughtful pitch can help you earn the salary raise you deserve.”

2. Massage His/Her Ego

“Your boss doesn’t care that you’ve increased sales by 22 per cent,” says Carmaine. “He cares about himself and his dreams. Help him achieve them and you’ll win him over.” Tell him how what you’re doing makes his job easier.

3. Sex-Up Your Stats

Have you been doing two people’s job for one salary? Have you cut your department’s expenses in half? Have you saved money by consistently using one tea bag for three people? Dry, but essential.

4. Exaggerate... But Just A Little Bit

Carmine knows that “stories inform, illuminate, inspire and, ultimately, persuade”. You need to remind your boss about the time you went above and beyond, from getting smashed with a client to staying late three nights in a row.

5. And Remember: “Asking your boss for a raise requires a logical and factual argument, but you should never underestimate the power of emotion.”

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