A Man's Guide To Throwing A Sex Party

Image via Shutterstock

Unlike, say, 20 years ago, sex today isn't as secretive or misunderstood. Whether you want to attribute that to people becoming more free and open about their sexuality and their conversations about sex, or simply because the Internet and technology has given us an abundance of information/accessibility, that's up for you to decide.

With more and more people openly talking about sex and the raunchy things they do, the people over at VICE were able to track down a professional orgy organizer—which is one hell of a job title—to figure out exactly what it takes in order to throw the most wet n' wild sex party on the planet.


According to VICE, the orgy organizer plans a monthly sex party, which is typically held in places like apartments, art galleries, hotels, and, yep, even churches in Sydney, with those partygoers using anywhere between 50 and 60 condoms—because, remember, safe sex, people!

The attendees include all sorts of people, too, from construction workers and blue-collar jobs to doctors or lawyers, which is another example at how freely people are about sex these days.

What's it take to get in? As VICE points out, a recent photo is an absolute must, because, "it's a physical party and we want people well presented, toned, and people you'd want to get off with." So, yeah, it's very much like buying a car—look and feel is important before driving it off the lot for good.

A giant sex party with a handful of people taking part in an orgy might not be for everyone, but, if you do think it's something you and some sex-craved friends might be into, you now have the secret recipe to throw a wild one.


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