How To Throw The Most Killer Halloween Party (And Scare The Hell Outta Your Friends)

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With Halloween falling on Tuesday this year, there's a good chance that you'll be slipping into your costumes and getting scary drunk — safely, of course — this weekend. But because you're like me and have zero idea how to pull off a killer party, we've got your back and offer some advice on how to leave everyone in attendance talking about the damn thing until next year comes around.


Being scared out of your mind is always fun. Scaring the crap out of friends is even better, though, so take notes and make sure your Halloween bash this year the best thing ever — just remember to come with an A+ Halloween costume to your own party.

Pull Something Scary


We were once at a party on New Years Eve when, at the stroke of midnight, someone had made their way to the electric box in the basement and shutoff all the lights in the house, abruptly freaking everyone out to think that the world was ending. Of course, now that we told you that trick, you can't use it, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do something to scare the hell out of everyone. That can be anything from telling your neighbors to knock and run away multiple times or inviting someone dressed up who doesn't say a single word. Everyone will know it's fake, but they'll be questions.

Don't Be Stingy


Drinks, food, music, movies, decorations. You may be too old to go door-to-door and ask for candy, but you better not think you're too old to go all out and make your house look haunted for the night. It's all about being in the atmosphere, and if people show up with nothing done while all dressed up, it'll just feel like a regular — albeit weird — weekend night of boozing.

Be Prepared


This one might be obvious, but we're not talking about you being armed with booze, food and scary movies on the TV for people to watch. We're talking about prepping yourself for the abundance of visitors you're about to have overtake your house, as everyone will show up with their friends, so make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Pick A Theme


Alleviate that pressure and anxiety of choosing a costume and keep things simple by deciding on a theme for everyone to follow. Instead of seeing a couple of the same costumes show up, why not tell everyone that it's a sexy zombie theme party? Or that everyone better come in their best pirate garb? It's classic and will always be applauded.

Crash Somewhere Secluded


Looking for a party that's really going to be remembered? Why not find yourself a deserted barn or field in the middle of nowhere that is wide open to debauchery. With the coolness in the air, everyone in costumes and the scene straight from a horror flick, this type of party will leave everyone drunk and spooked out.

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