Olympic Athlete Kim Glass Talks Training And Tips For How To Compete On The Highest Level

With the 2018 Winter Olympic Games kicking off this Friday, we decided to get into the competitive spirit by speaking with Olympic Volleyball player and personal trainer, Kim Glass. Kim joined the the U.S. national team back in 2007 and went on to compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where she helped the team take home a Silver medal. Currently, Kim is a certified personal trainer in Los Angeles, as well as a model, TV personality, and philanthropist.

Today, Kim will be offering tips on how to train like an Olympian! She'll also be sharing some of her experiences with the Games. We don't know about you guys, but it's not every day that we get the chance to sit down with an athlete of this caliber! Our advice? You better go ahead and bookmark this article for all your health and fitness needs. Simply put, it's clear by both her success and impeccable physique that Kim knows her stuff.

If you're interested in making a lifestyle change and getting in the best shape you've ever been, keep reading! Kim breaks it down so efficiently, that even if you haven't stepped foot in a gym since high school, you're still going to understand her advice. Let's be real, in a world overwhelmed with fitness tips, does it really get any better than that?

FHM: So, With The Olympics Airing This Week, Does It Bring Back Any Fond Memories Of Your Time In The Games? If So, Can You Share A Few? Additionally, Any Events/Competitors You're Especially Excited To Watch?

Kim Glass: "The Olympics always gives me chills. I’m reminded of the sweet victory of beating China on their home turf, how our team came together, despite the naysayers and won a Silver Medal and the empowering feeling of resiliency. I’m always excited to watch the Olympics, I’m especially excited to see our U.S.A. Women’s Bobsled Team compete."

FHM: Can You Describe A Little Bit About What It's Like To Train At The Olympic Level? What Would You Say Your Greatest Challenge With That Was? 

Kim Glass: "Training at the Olympic Level requires next level sacrifice and perseverance, and strength of not only the body, but the mind. When we trained for the 2008 Olympics, we trained at a higher altitude in Colorado Springs, for sometimes 3 hours in the morning, and 4 hours in the evening, 6 days out of the week. Everyday, every practice, every play is a chance to get better, you can’t take anything for granted. There is no, 'I’ll go train on Tuesday, instead of Monday', it’s a lifestyle, and if you don’t want it bad enough, and train smart and hard enough, someone else will.

One of my greatest challenges, was recovery, I couldn’t stand recovery, it was so mundane to me. As you get older you understand the importance. Now as a personal trainer I preach what I didn’t practice very well as an athlete, but because I know the damaging effects of not taking the time to recover properly and letting my body heal."

FHM: Do You Believe That “The Average Person" Is Capable Of Following An Olympian-Style Workout Plan/Diet? Would You Recommend It? 

Kim Glass: "Everyone should train like an Olympian, we all have the same basic needs. We just all have different starting points; basic, intermediate, or advanced. We all should develop foundational movement patterns that we use in everyday living, i.e. hip hinges, hip dominant movements, knee dominant movements, vertical and horizontal pushing, vertical and horizontal pulling, anti-rotation, anti-flexion, anti-extension, and anti-lateral flexion, and rotational/diagonal exercises. There’s always a way to regress or progress the movements, Olympians are just more advanced. I say, 'Find Your Inner Olympian.'"

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