How Weed Really Affects Bedroom Time, According To The Marijuana Experts We Talked To

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Just a few weeks ago, we wrote about a study that claimed smoking marijuana prior to sex can actually make it a hell of a lot more pleasurable, with 70 percent of pre-sex stoners involved in the study saying they experienced, “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Most of us probably don't find that too surprising, considering weed often helps mellow people out and forget about all their anxiety. What's surprising, though, is that, in a similar study, via High Times, roughly half of people who used pot prior to sex reported aphrodisiac effects.

So, what's the verdict? Is marijuana really the next way for men to experience longer-lasting sex and women feel more pleasure? We reached out to some of the top experts in the marijuana industry to get the lowdown, no holds barred answer.

Now, we're never going to tell you to go get high and then have sex, but, our experts to support the claim that doing so might make the experience a little bit more pleasurable. Of course, as many of them stated, if you do it, great, if you don't, great; it's your call, guys.

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