Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? Study Reveals How Women Feel About 'Good' Men

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As a woman, I can pretty much spare you the suspense and tell you exactly what's up with this question. However, I've conducted zero research, and therefore my psycho-babble on the female persuasion is ultimately just hearsay.

When it comes to proving a point, you need a solid foundation—that foundation being actual fact, not just opinion. If anyone has the time, someone should relay this notion to our president. If a millennial writer can admit it, he surely can too.

Anyway, fortunately for you guys, the kind people over at Zoosk, a premiere online dating site, followed all of the proper guidelines by conducting a survey of their millions of users.

They posed the age-old question—"How do women really feel about 'nice guys'?" They also provided a nifty-little infographic which is super helpful to those of you (i.e. me) who prefer their statistics spoon-fed to them.

Let's highlight a few notable results—

Again, I haven't conducted a study but the evidence from this one fully supports that women what a decent man—that doesn't mean you need to be a goody-two-shoes. It's all about balance. Also, let's remember, being funny NEVER hurts (oh, and devilishly handsome).

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