Hugh Jackman's Diet To Get In Shape For 'Logan' Was Deadly

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There's dedication and then there's Hugh Jackman. Seriously, this guy could have easily died from the intense diet and workout regime he had while preparing for his leading role in, Logan.

Jackman appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss the details in pulling off his lean, chiseled physique. Colbert jokingly suggests that since Jackman's role as The Wolverine has come to end, that perhaps he'll end up getting fat, but we don't see that happening any time soon, just look at the dude!

Ultimately, his diet wasn't really a diet at all, but rather a super dangerous dehydration routine. He would up his water intake to 3-gallons-a-day-prior-to-filming, then 36-hours prior to filming he would cease drinking water completely. Uh, that's reaaaaaaallllly not a solid idea, but it seemed to work in his favor! Mind you, this was all on top of a 3 months of hardcore working out.

To see the full interview, check it out below and as Hugh suggests, do not try this at home!

Lead Image Via YouTube


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