"Real-Life Barbie" Gabriel Jirackova Spends $2,000 A Month To Pull Off Her Plastic Look

Image via Instagram/lolotabella

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time we've written about human Barbie dolls and we hardly think it will be the last. See, nowadays, plastic surgeons are basically modern day genies — even your most outlandish wish is their command. Take the guy who spent $25,000 to look like David Beckham, as a prime example. Now, we hate to pass judgement, but we think these extreme cases of plastic surgery are about a lot more than just vanity. To be honest, this has addiction written all over it.

18-year-old Gabriela Jirackova from Prague, began her transformational Barbie surgeries at just 16 years old. According to LadBible, she's undergone everything from lip fillers to breast enlargement surgery — taking her from a C cup to a G cup. She also has extensions and semi-permanent makeup to achieve that "flawless" Barbie look. Additionally, Jirackova plans to undergo having rib removal, butt implants and even bigger boob implants.

Say what you will, but Gabriel has definitely achieved her desired look. That said, it doesn't come cheap to look like a human Barbie doll. LadBible reports that she spends roughly $2,000 of her parent's money a month to fulfill her dream. On top of that, it takes her a whopping three and a half hours to get ready every day. Gabriel explains, "Maintaining my image is difficult in all its aspects, financially, physically and mentally too."

Yeah! We bet it's difficult. We can't imagine taking 30 minutes to get ready every day, let alone three plus hours. Despite our reservations, if this is life Gabriel wants for herself, all the more power to her! In fact, that's the exact message she's been spreading during her Barbie journey, "I have been always encouraging others to do what they want to do themselves and what they want to become."

To see more images of Gabriel Jirackova, head on over to her Instagram.

Lead Image via Instagram/lolotabella

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