SICK! Human Feces Ended Up In Some Coca-Cola Products, So We're Switching To Pepsi

Image Via Shutterstock

In the battle of Coke versus Pepsi, it seems that at least for today we can all unanimously agree on Pepsi.

According to The Sun human waste was found in Coca-Cola cans:

"The affected cans arrived from a German supplier that hadn’t been used previously. The night shift at the factory was disrupted when stunned workers peeked into the cans and saw the waste after the machines became clogged."

The word clogged being associated with anything other than a toilet is just unsettling, to say the least. The real question remains, how the f*ck did HUMAN fecal matter get into a can?

"It has been speculated that the cans arrived on a lorry from Germany and immigrants had used them as a toilet on the long journey across Europe."

That's actually quite sad and alludes to a lot of desperation. Still, a can? I don't understand how that's even logistically possible. The most important thing is that it was an isolated incident and no other Coca Cola products/factories have been effected.

We'll be sure to update you all if the can sh*tting culprit is discovered.

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