I'm Having A Difficult Time Figuring Out If This Pic Is A Slice Of Toast Or A Sponge

Image via Twitter

I'll try to keep this very short and sweet—because how in the hell else do you write about a single photo that you can't actually identify, right?

Earlier, we wrote about a writer by the name of Craig Stone earlier, who overcame homelessness to become an author, now publishing two books and living in London with his wife and son. Well, Stone posted this pic on his Twitter the other day and, dammit, it's really playing tricks on my eyes.

Now, I'm not sure what your eyes and mind want you to believe, but mine say it's a piece of toast.

So, what's the verdict? Stone revealed that in a separate tweet, claiming it's a sponge.

Things like this always make me feel a lot dumber than (maybe) I am. Thanks, Internet.

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