11 Iconic Big Screen Bikini Moments That Turned Boys Into Men

Things have changed quite a bit in recent years when it comes to young men accessing, uh, certain images on the internet to, uh, you know, learn about the female anatomy. These teenagers don't have the slightest clue what it was like to come of age in a world where trying to find pictures, let alone moving images, of sexy women didn't take 2.5 seconds on an iPhone.

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Now, I'm not complaining, quite the contrary! Obviously given the content of this article, I received an education, a beautiful education, might I add—I'm just saying, it was no thanks to Steve Jobs. More like George Lucas, Simon West, and Lee Tamahori—just to name a few of the directors of the films below. You can Google Simon West and Lee Tamahori, but George Lucas is a given and if you don't know he is, might I suggest reevaluating your life (or at the very least, knowledge of basic pop culture).

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Of course, here at FHM, we try to be as inclusive as possible. The term iconic is subjective, remember that! We didn't necessarily take this gallery all the way back to the 70s, because let's be real, would any of you even recognize those women? Yeah, yeah, I'm sure—you're a reaaaal movie buff.

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That being said, you may find a movie from 2011 being associated with the word, "iconic", bothersome. To that I say, you've seen Brooklyn Decker in a bikini, right? Exactly, that's what I thought. She could trip over a rock and I'd consider it iconic, so, yeah, that's that!

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