Meet Ida Lundgren, Daughter Of Legendary Actor, Dolph Lundgren, And Absolute Babe

Before we delve into the good stuff, let's just go ahead and give a little bio on Dolph Lundgren. It's more than possible that you don't recognize the name, but once I start listing his credentials, it'll all start coming together! Here are a few of his movie roles

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Currently, he's post-production for Black Water and Malevolence. Filing for Aquaman and rumored for Creed II. As you can tell his career as both an actor and certified badass isn't slowing down any time soon. That could make things a little bit tricky for his daughter—I mean, she's as beautiful as they come, but who would dare date Captain Ivan Drago's daughter?

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Of course, no matter how muscular her Pops may be, we've gotta show you how stunning she is! Also, go ahead and give her a follow on Instagram if you know what's good for ya! You won't regret it, we promise. From what we can gather, Ida doesn't have any acting aspirations, but rather the modeling-sort. She's currently signed with both Wilhelmina LA and MIKAS Stockholm. To be fair, we could totally see her following in her Dad's foot-steps. She would make an awesome heroine. Perhaps that's something we can look forward to in the future? Who knows! She's only 21-years-old after all, a lot can happen by way of her career between now and next week, even. But, alright, alright—we'll let you guys get to it.

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